Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wedding anniversary

June 28th was mine and Jason's wedding anniversary. He planned our day which was awesome! He took me out to breakfast, then we went to his folk's in Hood River to pick up their Harley Davidson trike and go for a ride. It was great. We went on the old highway which is so beautiful! It takes you right by the water falls and then on up to the Vista House/Crown Point.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June post Draft on 6/13

It's been a busy, busy June.

My sister Amy moved to Kodiak, Alaska August of last year and made the trip back to the lower 48 for summer break. She flew in to Seattle and stayed with my sister Sarah and her husband Bob for a week. Then my mom flew in to Seattle Thursday June 4th. On Saturday June 6th, Sarah drove mom and Amy down to Portland and I drove to Portland to meet them and pick up Amy. We had such a busy day! We started off with breakfast out. Then we were going to make our way to the outlet mall and stop at all the yardsales on the way. We struck gold! Got lots of good stuff for WAY cheap and even some stuff free. We had such a fun time. Each time that mom and me saw a yard sale sign...we would go "choo choo we're on the yard sale train!" So funny! We get to the outlets and first go to the bra store. You can get bra's over 50% off! I tried this one bra and all of you know that my voice carries and quite frankly I'm just loud! lol Well I was really happy with the bra and was telling my sister, through her dressing room door that she had to try this bra since it transforms the two hunks of fat and puts them where they should be and there is no option to fall droopy! lol I know TMI TMI! Anyhow, so this lady and her sister were in this other dressing room and the sister comes out and says that her sister over heard me and wants to try what I have! lol It was hilarious. Then another lady heard me as I was taking this lady to where the bras were and she wanted one too. After we were done and were going to check out, the lady that worked there said that I should receive commission for the amount of those bras that were sold that day because of me! lol We went around to other stores and I got two pairs of Liz Clairborne jeans for $14,99 each! I can't get that deal for walmart jeans and these are way better quality. I'm happy. Then Amy and I left Portland and went to my friend James' birthday party. Super fun BBQ with good people.

Our good friend James' birthday party was Saturday June 6th. .........(that's as far as I got...lol)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crazy busy!!!

Have you looked at the date lately? It's the end of April which means the 5th month of this year is about to start. I cannot believe how this year is flying by. The weather is starting to really be beautiful, the grass is super green and the dogwood trees are in bloom.
Being from Arizona, by almost May it's well on into summer. Here in Oregon, some days I'm sure that Spring is here and it great, and then the next day the highs drop and it's cold again.

I love the confusion and the changes...You never know what shoes to wear and don't dare put away winter clothes and jackets just yet.

It'sbeen a LONG time since I posted so I will try to update on how things in our little world have been.

February was a busy month.
February 2nd was our 7th year anniversary from when Jason and I got together. Wow, 7 years. It feels like we have been through a lifetime of experiences together and I look forward to many more! I'm continuously in awe of how lucky I am and how good I have it.

February 11th marked our first year in our home. We were so fortunate to get the home we did for the price and had a good lender who didn't try to sway us to an ARM loan (not that we would have been sway-able, but it's nice not to have that pressure).

February 14th was Valentines Day and we went to Portland with two other couples to the Cheesecake Factory. That might not seem like that big of a deal, but it was considering we had to wait 2 and a half hours and everyone knew it before hand and we all went anyway. It was well worth it and we had a great time.

February was also tax time for us. I like to get it done as soon as I get our W-2s. It was great! Filing married, homeowners, and had a move to deduct. We are still trying to figure out how to top it for next year. We are so blessed.

March is birthday month in my family. My dad, mom, aunt, both grandpas (on the same day), and mine. My birthday turned out to be like a birth weekend since it was on a Monday. I thought that as you get older, birthdays celebrations aren't as big and special but having the best husband in the world and great family and friends....I was happily surprised.
Jason and I have this strange, wonderful way of stumbling into really great deals; something like being in the right place at the right time or knowing great people who are always looking out for you. One such example...Jason went over to a friend of ours - Todd - to get a shovel or something he needed for some work he was doing on our 1914 garage (ha! We'll go into that later) and as he was leaving Todd's house he saw another friend - Jeff - at Jeff's dad's house taking up the lawn. He was putting into his dump bed trailer and he was going to haul it off to the dump and go with a low maintanence landscaping for his dad. Jason asked if Jeff could deliver it to our back yard instead of taking it to the dump and Jeff was thrilled to. Our back yard used to have a super big jungle gym so it has alot of sand in the back yard thus making the lawn not very hearty. Then when we had our unexpected litter of 8 puppies the dog population on our property rose to 12 and that reaked havoc on our back yard which already was not set up for heavy traffic. Anyhow, this lawn that was given to us had about 3 1/2 inches of soil with it which is wonderful and exactly what we needed! So I became a sod layer! Yay...until the day after. I completely had a terrible pinch in my back that would not go away. It was not fun at all, but I'm pleased with how things are progressing in the yard.
I signed up to sell Mary Kay to bring in supplement income in order to finish the basement. We have a basement that is entirely unfinished and has HUGE potential!

Every weekend we have stuff going on and we are really lucky with the friends we have that we are having great times...although my house is definately lacking in attention. I need a weekend to focus on JUST it!

April has been good. Todd's 50th birthday, Easter, and Baby Jaxon all on the same day!

Incredible! Leanne and Casey are doing great with this new baby boy which sounds so exciting! I hosted a Partylite party which was fun and got lots of free stuff!

We met with the surgeon for Jason's shoulder and the surgeon is pretty confident that surgery will fix him. YEAH!!! Work comp approved it and it was scheduled. Jason was also scheduled for ongoing training for his job starting last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Portland. That's tough for me, I used to be so independent and I still am, but I am more happy with him. He came home for the weekend, and I was off to Seattle to see Sarah and hold a Mary Kay party there with friends of hers from the law firm. It was fun but I was so ready to get back home Saturday night and see Jason since I hadn't seen him since Tuesday morning. Sunday we went to church and spent the day together. Monday was his surgery in Hood River. It went great! He's having pain but he is an incredible trooper! He missed training on Monday, but went back up to Portland today to finish the week out. He is unbelievable. His shoulder is wrapped up and he's in a sling with a pressurized medicine pump OnQ ball delivering medicine right into his shoulder. So Jason is gone until thursday night for training. I am praying that he is able to learn while being in pain from his shoulder and the surgery. I'm constantly amazed by how he continually is pushing on through pain and struggles to better our life.

This weekend there is a free childrens fair in our town and I will be volunteering and helping out there, then hopefully Sunday will be relaxing.

All in all life is busy, good, and we are so blessed!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mary Kay Makeover

Before---this is almost unbearable to post!!! I don't leave the house without some makeup...terrible!!!

And the after...I forgot to do blush..this was mainly an eye makeover. Much better I think.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am doing Mary Kay now!!

So Jason and I are wanting to finish our basement. We plan to do the work ourselves, but it will still cost some bucks. We have 1160 sq ft that is completely unfinished. This would almost double our square footage and should change our home into a 5 bedroom 2 bath plus a great room/ media room. So I wanted to help by providing supplemental income since Jason will be doing the same with doing Motorcycle repair on the side.

So I've signed up and am now an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. I went over to my friends house tonight with my thoughts which is that I am not going to do this if it is the same ol same ol. I plan to be different, and hold events instead of tuperware style parties. Themed, tips and tricks parties. We brainstormed and have come up with some amazing ideas!!!! I'm so thrilled to get started. Should be a week until I get my kit, but I can start ordering at any time for those who know what they want and need and don't have a consultant at this time. Yeah!!! I'm thrilled!!! I plan to post pics of my parties to keep everyone up to date. Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

After Christmas Sales

So I don't have pictures of my plunder, but what a good time and good deals we got!!! Me and mom went to Portland without Jason since he was so tired from the two days of driving back and forth to Portland and Hood River and all over. Mom wasn't expecting to see Sarah while she was in town. Sarah lives in Seattle with her husband and had planned to be in California.
We got up early and we were in Portland by 7:30. Mom wanted to go to Target first thing so we made it there and got inside. Then Sarah showed up right behind her and mom freaked! It was fun. We got some really great deals. I bought King and Queen flannel sheet sets for $9.99!!! It was great! We live in an old house so our room is often a bit chilly (we don't like to run the electric heater, we like the wood stove) so flannel sheets provide just the right amount of warmth and I love that they are not as cold as regular sheets to climb into at night. So I bought 5 sets and one for my mother in law. I LOVE bedding!!! We went to Olive Garden with Sarah and Bob and then they headed back to Seattle. Mom and I continued shopping. We went to JC Penneys and bought some great things. It was funny, the lady in line ahead of us was so excited. She was buying flannel sheets for 19.99! I didn't have the heart to tell her 9.99 at target! :) We shopped until dark, going to Costco, and all over. The entire crew cab of my truck was packed full!!! I even had to rearrange it a couple times. Full to the top, I couldn't see out of the back glass!!! It was so fun unloading the truck the next morning to show Jason all our great purchases! I love traditions and can't help but continue them.

Christmas Day

After a late night Christmas Eve, or should I really say early since we didn't get home until about 4:00am on Christmas Day, we had to be in Portland which is about an hour and a half drive by 10:00 am to pick my mom up. This was how our drive looked going to Portland. Don't let it fool you, it looks nasty, but in fact, the snow was a very nice snow and provided great traction.

After we picked up my mom at the airport, we drove back home and was able to get a small nap before heading to John and Hazel's (Jason's Parents) for 3:00 Christmas dinner. It was so good!!! What a great Christmas day we had!!!